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Guidance on Evidence for the Educator Evaluation System

  1. Evidence should be authentic and representative of your position.  The evidence used will be from the current school year.
  2. Two pieces of evidence will be submitted for standards 3 and 4.  Two pieces of evidence will be collected per goal area.
  3. Educators are encouraged to think carefully about the evidence they choose to include.  One piece of evidence may be used to demonstrate proficiency on several areas within the rubric.
  4. Educators may choose to submit additional evidence.  It is not necessary to submit additional evidence in order to obtain the rating of proficient or exemplary.
  5. At the time of the Formative or Summative Assessment, Educators who may not be deemed as proficient or exemplary will be given an opportunity to provide additional evidence to be considered in their final ratings.  The educator will be provided seven calendar days to submit additional evidence to be considered.
  6.  Educators will not have to submit to the evaluator appendix G or the Formative Assessment Report Form as part of their evaluation.  Educators will be required to submit Appendix E with their evidence.

Appendix E: Collection of Evidence Form



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