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Printing Issues
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Monday, October 17, 2016 8:54:17 AM
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Printing Issues


 Q:  I can’t print to the copier in my building!  The print job looks like it was sent successfully but the machine never prints my document.  What is wrong?

 A:  The copiers in each building need to verify your copier code in order to print.  You can store your code in the print driver on your computer so you only need to enter it once.  Instructions showing how to do this can be found here for Windows 10 computers or here for Windows 7 computers.



Q:  I need to print confidential documents, but don’t want someone else seeing it or picking it up from one of the shared copiers.

 A:  You can send your document to the copier as a secure/locked print job.  This means the copier will store the document in its memory but it will not print it until you physically retrieve the document at the machine by using your passcode.  Instructions can be found here.

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